Alzheimer’s disease

The U.S. is facing an Alzheimer’s epidemic that will devastate families and could potentially bankrupt our health care system. As Baby Boomers age, the rate of the disease is projected to reach epic proportions. Today, more than five million patients live with Alzheimer’s, and that number is projected to grow to 13.5 million by 2050.

Patients and their families will experience extreme financial and emotional hardship. By 2050, Americans may be spending in excess of $200 billion in out-of-pocket costs alone; the total amount spent by society on caring for those with the disease could well exceed $1 trillion.

But what if we could curb the rise in Alzheimer’s? What if we could find a treatment that could postpone the onset of this dreaded disease? Currently, there are 93 new Alzheimer’s medications and diagnostics under development. If just one of these treatments could delay the onset of Alzheimer’s by only five years, the number of future patients would drop by nearly one half. And that would save over $367 billion in health care costs by 2050.

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